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Luther Glen Farm Program

Luther Glen is home to a growing sustainable farm rooted in the effort to change the way we live and the way we teach and talk about food. With worms composting our food scraps, pigs eating table scraps, chickens laying eggs, goats and sheep grazing the land, and 28 raised beds growing produce for our kitchen - we are creating a sustainable living system in which we produce, utilize and repeat. We are aiming to create a root system so deep it cannot be dismantled.

We started with the soil and have only grown from there. The farm has become an integral program element for Summer and Winter Camp as well as year-round retreat groups. We offer age-appropriate tours and customizable day and overnight programs for church groups, school groups, scout groups, and anyone interested in learning where their food comes from! Enjoy a walk through our garden, feed the animals, harvest eggs and get your hands dirty with soil as we work together to feed our communities. We can't wait to meet you!

For more information about Farm Tours and other programs email Office@LRCChome.com.

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