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Summer Staff Employment

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Counselors are the face of LRCC’s summer program. They spend each week directly interacting with campers, whether it be at El Camino Pines or Luther Glen in a cabin of 5-11 campers, at Day Camps, or on the beach. Counselors spend almost two weeks in training, learning how to be compassionate, patient, Christ-centered leaders. If you love working directly with kids, and want to be fed by their energy and faith, then being a counselor could be right for you! Applicants must be at least 18 years old to be on the Counseling Staff.

Support Staff
Without Support Staff, LRCC’s summer program wouldn’t run! We depend on having individuals that love behind the scenes work, such as dishwashing, splitting firewood, and other maintenance work. Previous experience or skills aren’t necessary, but servant hearts are! Support Staff may be placed with a cabin group if extra staffing is needed.

Junior Counselor/Support Staff (Alumni of SIT Program Only)
For those SIT alumni who are still under 18, being a Junior Counselor/Support Staff is your opportunity to serve at camp! Building on the counseling skills you learned as an SIT, you may be partnered with a counselor, be a part of the Support Staff team, or participate in Day Camps around Southern California.

Leadership Staff
Camp wouldn’t run without dedicated individuals who are familiar with the summer program and run it from behind the scenes. If you have been a counselor for at least two summers and want to serve LRCC in a different capacity, consider applying for Leadership Staff.

Staff In Training - For details on this program click here.

Summer Hiring Documents (Please fill out only if you have been hired for the 2017 Summer Staff)
2017 Summer Staff Hiring Documents

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