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LRCC counts on $200,000 in individual contributions each year! We count on another $100,000 from congregations. These gifts enable us to keep our fees affordable for ALL campers and retreaters, regardless of the size of their family or the economic situation in which they find themselves.

In recent years a few major donors have helped keep us out of the "red ink", but if a larger constituency of stakeholders would invest gifts of even $100, $200, or $500 toward this ministry annually, we could keep our facilities maintained, our programs strong, and our staff adequately compensated. Of course, gifts of ALL sizes are welcomed, as are in-kind contributions of equipment, furniture, building materials, and supplies. Please let us know how you can help! Thank you for your on-going support! We want to be in partnership with you and your congregation!

Include LRCC in your Trust

Consider adding LRCC to your Trust.  It is easy to do if you already have one.  Ask an attorney to amend your Trust to list LRCC as a beneficiary in the trust. If you do not have a Trust agreement, as you are making it, ask to include LRCC as a beneficiary. If you do include LRCC in your trust please call us to let us know!If you have more questions on this please contact our staff at (661) 245-3519.

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