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Being a member of Thrivent Financial can make your donation dollars stretch even further than before.

Thrivent Choice

If you are a Thrivent Financial member you have an easy way to help support what matters most to you—even your own congregation or camp. Through Thrivent Choice, a charitable grant program, members can help choose where Thrivent Financial distributes some of its charitable funds each year.

Eligible benefit members also are designated Choice Dollars. By directing Choice Dollars, they can request funding for thousands of Lutheran organizations nationwide, including LRCC: El Camino Pines and Luther Glen. Potential designated Choice Dollars amounts that can be directed range from $25 to $500 for each eligible member.

If you are eligible to direct Choice Dollars, you can direct them right now. If you are uncertain about your eligibility, visit Thrivent.com/thriventchoice, or contact your local Thrivent Financial representative.

How Do I Direct My Designated Choice Dollars?

Choose from Lutheran organizations nationwide, including your local congregation. It's easy!

1. Search for El Camino Pines and Luther Glen

2. Direct Choice Dollars online now or call 800-THRIVENT (800-847-4836) and state "Thrivent Choice."

Expiration Date: Choice Dollars designated during the calendar year can be directed until March 31 of the following year.

Directing Choice Dollars are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Thrivent Choice Program. Visit Thrivent.com/thriventchoice for complete Terms and Conditions.


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