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Vista Society

Over the years the ministries of Lutheran Retreats, Camps and Conferences (LRCC) have provided sanctuaries in time and space where Christ can be encountered, faith renewed, stewardship of God's creation learned and the joy of community discovered.

Today, during all seasons of the year, guests of all ages and backgrounds continue to be drawn to the mountains for rest, renewal and to discover the vistas of their lives unfolding before them.

Young people are embraced by God's love in Christ. They are filled with confidence and hope. God is present with them. They thoughtfully discern the paths they are to take in life. Adults find renewal in their Christian journeys, are inspired to lives of service and discipleship and are equipped to be leaders in their congregations. Congregational ministries are energized. Many pastors and church professionals find their calling at camp.

The Vista Society:
To assure this vital ministry continues and to gather people who are committed to sharing the Gospel through LRCC, the Board of Directors has established The Vista Society.

Gifts to the Vista Society, are used to help keep fees reasonable, to give financial aid to children and families who cannot afford to pay the camp or retreat fees, to provide capital equipment and repairs and to launch new programs.

Membership in The Vista Society begins with an annual gift of $300 throughout the calendar year. Other membership levels are available for those wishing and able to provide greater support. Gifts can be monthly, quarterly or annually.

While there are several levels of membership, whichever category you select makes you part of a very special group of people who are doing much to reach out with the Gospel to people young and old, during all seasons of the year.

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