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Work projects abound at both El Camino Pines and Luther Glen. Though we hold periodic "work days" at each camp where anyone is welcome to come and pitch in, we also encourage congregations, groups and Thrivent Branches to select a project and a day to come to camp and volunteer their time. If you assemble a team of volunteers, we'll be prepared for you. Let us know what materials or supplies you might need, and we'll even feed you a delicious meal or two!

We welcome any kind of maintenance projects, both interior and exterior, building projects, landscaping, cleaning and some refurbishing.

Youth groups find it a rewarding way to offer service to the church or to accomplish community service time. Men's and women's groups find it a great get-a-way and a fun social event as well.

Call us or email us and we'll let you know the most pressing projects!

Volunteer Opportunities

Bring a Work party to Camp. There are always projects going on at El Camino Pines and Luther Glen. From trail maintenance to firewood splitting to brush clearing to erosion control the project list is endless. If you can organize a team of people, we can feed and house you! Call the camp office to get more ideas and information.

Bring a Skilled Friend to Camp. Do you know someone with a skill in the building trades? We can use them! Bring them to camp...because there is always something that needs to be repaired, replaced, installed or assessed. We have big plans but rely on our friends and volunteers to get things done.

Bring Yourself to Camp. Volunteers are always needed in one form or another. Live in our Christian community, we'll house you and feed you and keep you busy!

Ministry Volunteer / Camp Pastor: Enjoy a week of ministry outdoors this summer. Responsibilities may include: Leading devotions on the daily theme for campers and staff, being a resource for staff in their Bible studies as well as their own personal faith journeys, assisting campers and staff in planning worship experiences, hanging out, and playing! Youth Workers, Pastors and their families will be housed at camp free of charge. Arrive by noon on Sunday and depart in the afternoon on Friday. For weeks available (Sunday to Friday) please see our Summer Camp Schedule.

Nurse: Come spend a week at camp this summer and make a difference in the lives of campers. Responsibilities will include: collecting medications from campers on Sunday and returning them on Friday morning, dispensing medications during the week, being available to provide first aid if needed and being ready to provide a little TLC for homesick campers. Partial week volunteers are also welcome. For Weeks available (Sunday to Friday) please see our Summer Camp Schedule.

Work Projects for Luther Glen: See Adopt a Project.

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